about us

CHIP is a registered society that supports needy children and young adults. In 2013. the green chapter of CHIP was started in Nagpur.
Project ‘Nisargavedh’ was conceptualized, initiated, and implemented by CHIP Nagpur in 2016 under the theme “Nature for Future” with the milestones of afforestation, education, rural development, water conservation, and urban consciousness.


what we do

Ecosystem Restoration

Promoting a sense of ownership in every individual towards the conservation of the earth.

Education Beyond Walls

Helping to broaden the horizon.
Nature for Future

Sustainable Livelihood

Enhancing the Capabilities and Assets for Both Now and the Future without deteriorating natural resources.

our vision

At CHIP Nagpur, our vision for the Nisargavedh project is to create a remarkable sustainable eco-restoration initiative that transcends boundaries, revitalizes ecosystems, and inspires communities. We aim to forge a harmonious relationship between nature and humanity. By engaging local communities, fostering partnerships, advocating for sustainable practices, and empowering the next generation, we strive to create a greener, healthier, and more resilient environment for children and young adults, ensuring a brighter future for all.


  • Enabling the restoration of the ecosystem and establishing it as a vital corridor for wildlife movement.
  • Fostering an immersive open-air learning environment, embracing students of all ages and generations, thereby encouraging a closer relationship with Mother Nature.
  • Providing local people with access to fundamental healthcare resources while equipping them with the knowledge they need to live sustainably.
  • Empowering women holistically by facilitating economic freedom, promoting their mental health, and encouraging cleanliness practices.


At CHIP Nagpur, our mission encompasses several key objectives. Primarily, we want to educate more than 400 rural kids over the course of ten years, strengthening their fundamental concepts. Secondly, in collaboration with the Maharashtra Forest Department (with 27,500 trees already planted), we are dedicated to revitalising 70 acres of degraded forest land by planting over 50,000 tree saplings. In addition, we endeavour to connect and engage over 50,000 citizens with nature, encouraging hands-on learning experiences and enhancing their awareness of the environment and its inhabitants.
Furthermore, we want to establish a tangible link between the restored ecosystem and its irreplaceable ecological services. In line with our commitment to the community, we aim to assist 200 local families in generating sustainable livelihoods. Lastly, we support research projects, aiming to undertake 10 projects over the next decade. Through these efforts, CHIP Nagpur works tirelessly to protect, foster growth, and ensure the sustenance of forest habitats through a combination of plantation, education, and livelihood creation initiatives.


Our supporters

~ Progress so far ~

6+ Projects
500+ Donations Received
700+ People Impacted
3500+ No. of Volunteers
12000+ Children Impacted
27500+ Trees Planted Till Now