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CHIP Nagpur

The chief executive planner of Project Nisargavedh, Mr. Sukesh Gandhi, a graduate of pharmaceutical science, made a humble beginning to his career in 1974 as a medical representative of a multinational pharmaceutical company. He established the organizations SUYOG and SOIL, which manufactured special chemicals for mining, the textile and paper industries, and many more. Forest Gandhi is a modest person who always kept his foot grounded, even though he belonged to the fast-paced world of industrialists. He is the Great Banyan Tree of the organization, an aspiring green linchpin, and the foundation of this dedication.
On the glaring support of CHIP, we have Mrs. Sudha Gandhi, who possesses a master’s degree in English. She was the first female business owner of an Archies gallery featuring ‘Ferns and Petals’ in Nagpur. She started teaching lessons to rural children because she is incredibly enthusiastic about uplifting the community. Additionally, She fosters the well being of the garden and forest nursery.
On the brighter side of the spectrum, Adv. Anand Jaiswal is a senior council advocate and former president of the Vidharbha Cricket Association. He is an exceptional lawyer who understands how to cross-examine witnesses and never allows anyone to leave the hearing stand. He has 39 years of experience and the following degrees: B.A. (Hons), LL.B., and LL.M. (Constitutional Law).
He was appointed Senior Advocate by the Bombay High Court in 2014.

Dr. Jaydeep Das​

(Tree-Centric) Field Advisor and Environmentalist

To call a spade, a spade has always been the tenet which Dr. Jaydeep Das has pursued in his life journey which is more through the wilderness than the concrete jungles of this planet. He is a field advisor who is like a branch of the Banyan tree, connecting people with the Eco-system restoration project at CHIP and ensure its sustainability for the future. A PhD. in soft skills and an MBA and BE by qualification, this fiercely corporate personality has another major side to his career. He has served the Forest Department in the past for a considerable number of years especially working in association with tribals and villagers finding ways of sustainable livelihood for them.
An ex-Honorary Wildlife Warden of Nagpur Distt. he works day in and out with local citizens especially youth to create awareness regarding conservation of nature and forests. He has been in the forefront of many green initiatives and has sound knowledge on environmental laws which helps in safeguarding the eco-systems of the urban regions.

Ms. Shruti Oswal​

(Green Panther) Field Officer, Conservationist and Media Manager

A field officer for the Nisargavedh project, Shruti Jain Oswal is a conservationist and green gemstone who is the crown of the banyan tree. In the era of air towers, she is emphasizing banking on natural purifiers, which God has gifted the planet in the form of trees. She has an effervescent personality and works assiduously to restore degraded regions back into lush green forests and allow them to revert to their natural state. She fosters the ecosystem through active civic participation.
As a naturalist, she has steered safari game drives in Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve and contributed to several animal censuses and conservation activities. As a chirper and human being, she aspires every day to be a valuable resource for the environment by inspiring a substantial number of individuals to be more passionate and compassionate towards nature.